Welcome to the RealFlow blog

November 30, 2016 News 0 Comments

Here it is: our brand new RealFlow blog!

This blog can be seen as an addition to our various social media channels, and here you will not only find background information about news, trends, and developments in the field of fluid dynamics, but also a regularly updated glossary, tips & tricks, as well as in-depth views on scripts and graphs.

Upcoming topics are, for example:

  • A close look on the relation between RealFlow’s sub-steps and simulation accuracy
  • How to render fluid properties like velocity inside RealFlow
  • What is normalizing and why is it important for fluid simulations?
  • RealFlow’s “hidden” settings: transport, iterations, particle steps, etc.
  • How to use image-based lighting in RealFlow’s render engine
  • Diffusion Limited Aggregation (Python script)
  • And many more…

Of course we want to follow a schedule for adding new posts, but we have to experiment a little during the first weeks to find a good update frequency. For now the best idea is to check back here regularly to make sure that you won’t miss a post.

Our first entry is dedicated to RealFlow 10’s new features and functions. Read on!