IBC 2017 Recap: RealFlow | Cinema 4D 2.0 – Multi-Physics in a Nutshell


Are you a follower of our social media channels? If the answer is yes then you might know that we attended IBC 2017 in Amsterdam (14-18 September) for a workshop on RealFlow | Cinema 4D 2.0. In this blog entry, Thomas Schlick, who did the presentation, will give you a short summary of his impressions:

The MAXON Road Shows

A few years ago we started a partnership with MAXON, the creators of Cinema 4D, and in the meantime this connection became a real friendship. You will find a MAXON booth on almost every important event, road show, or convention. And there is always a top-class lineup of international Cinema 4D artists giving workshops, showcasing their actual work, and sharing incredibly useful tips.

The MAXON stage at IBC (courtesy of MAXON).

But it’s not just the artists, it’s also the friendly and highly-professional attitude of the entire MAXON team: they really care and they always have the best get-togethers and parties. This year, Peggy Beck and her team organized a 3-hour boat trip through the canals of Amsterdam. It must have been great, but of course I’ve missed it, because I had a rather late flight and arrived in Amsterdam when the party was almost over. I guess that’s life… 🙂

Having a good time together is important, but that’s just one aspect. All these shows mean that you’re present, help users with their doubts and questions, and gather feedback. It’s about connecting with real people. And it’s also about learning and sharing methods and knowledge. The feedback I get during these events is of particular importance for us and – at least I do think so – for the customer. It definitely makes a difference whether you have the opportunity to talk with someone face to face or via a communication channel. Sure, in most cases there’s no other way than using forums for social media, but the personal talk helps both sides to understand each other much better.

Tim Clapham from hello luxx during his presentation (courtesy of MAXON).

Sunday – Presentation Day

Thomas Schlick presenting the latest RealFlow | Cinema 4D 2.0

My own presentation was the last one on Sunday from 5-6 pm. Despite this late time slot I was positively surprised how many visitors dropped in to watch the workshop. Another big plus is that the live feed brings the show to everyone who’s interested, but not able to be present. Finally, the MAXON team provides an edited recording and shares all videos on their YouTube channel.

The workshop’s topic was “RealFlow | Cinema 4D 2.0 – Multi-Physics in a Nutshell”. Here I’m going to show you how to create and control complex interactions between RealFlow’s different solvers and material types. Furthermore you will learn fundamental things about “Collider” and “Volume” tags, simulation settings, and the workflow for → rigid/elastic deformer.

If you’re interested in watching the recording just do it here or directly on YouTube where you will find the presentations of my fellow artists:

Monday – Leaving Amsterdam

On Monday I had to leave IBC already. Of course I spend a good amount of time to say good bye and thanks to everyone from the MAXON team, and the artists I got to know over the years. Unfortunately, my flights back home were heavily delayed and so it took me almost 12 hours from door to door. Considering that the pure flight time is just about 90 minutes it’s perhaps better to walk next time 🙂